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Songs of Omar: Spiritual Seeker

Omar, who asked me to use only his first name for security reasons, was raised a “staunch Muslim” and is now more open to the more subjective experience of the divine. He shares his spiritual/life journey with us here in the form of poetry. Enjoy!

I. Seeker


 I’ve approached God in

 so many ways,

 you wouldn’t know what’s right.


 I’ve found Him in music,

 heard him pulling at my heart,

 knowing He is heard therein.


 Sometimes I find him in power,

 the power that makes men

 answer the call

 to action, to bleed.


 I find him in revelry,

 in the promise of a new day’s

 projects, dreams, impossibilities.


 I find the holy in the destruction of all

 that is profane,

 especially that which pretends to be

 high and mighty;

 It falls like castles of dust in my mind.


 I have longed to be with You

 in every place,

 in my geography,

 in my life;


 my attempts start and stop,

 like the changing of weather in my city by the lake.


 Yet there is a focus;

 each time I jump start.


 99 names of God on my wall.

 I took one down this year,

 passed it around my being,

 saw what I could make of it…


 My God, give me 98 more to explore.


 II. Circle



 We were all born

 unknowing of facts

 of what is what

 and which is which

 and who is who


 Knowing only what is right

 what is free

 what is love


 and as we age

 we pretend we have always known

 what we have learned


 and look down on those whose paths

 stop short of ours

 or go askew

 or leap ahead


 and as we age

 we forget the truth

 that was born with breath

 that speaks without words

 and rules without logic.


 III. Me + You Religion



 Religion is the intersection

 of yesterday’s dreams


 and today’s reality


 Religion is the rationalization of humanity’s irrationality

 It is the codification and ritualization of our fears and fantasies


 The normalization of our guilt and our pride.


 But I have dreams that are fresh

 Fears that are present


 And so do you.


 So let’s examine those


 and pay heed to our living reality 

 and not get lost in the narratives of yesteryear.