Welcome to Convert’s Corner! Please, grab a seat around the campfire and make yourself at home.

While I am switching to a different religion  every month, some of you may have chosen to take a leap of faith and adopt a particular religion for life. Or maybe you’ve been part of one faith and have decided to either change things up or drop religion all together. Either way, these can be tough choices that affect not only you, but friends and family.

 Maybe you have nowhere to turn and no one to share a horrifying conversion/apostate experience with. Whatever you have to say, be it triumph or failure, comedy or tragedy, “Convert’s Corner” is the place.

We’re all on a journey. Why not carpool?

Send your story (or video!) to abowen@projectconversion.com and share it with the world. Commentors, remember, this is a place for exploration and sharing, not condemnation. Be polite, be respectful, or the bouncer will promptly kick your butt out on the street.



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